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How should we practice singing? by Jay Veerayano

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Hi guys,
Today, I’m going to talk about how we should practice singing. I personally like to divide it into two categories; Vocal Techniques and Style & Interpretation. As for the technical part, it is proven that the most effective way in learning a new habit is to remind yourself to do it repeatedly in the certain period of time. Learning how to sing is like learning to create a good singing habit. I was often asked by my students on how long and how much they should practice in between lessons. I would say it depends. If they are to learn and/or strengthen the techniques, it’s better to do many of the smaller sessions than to do it in one long session. For example, if they want to practice two hours straight, it would be better to do six 20-minute sessions. But then again the biggest challenge is to keep doing it everyday. There is a great free app that can help you keep track when you want to learn new habits. It’s called “Lift”. I am using it for my workout and for my singing practice. You guys should check it out . It would encourage and remind you to keep doing it.
As for the Style&Interpretation, this one you can spend a longer period of time on it because most of it is doing research and spend some quality time listening to reference music. It is also good if you can work on the musicianship skills. This will help you distinguish the and understand the difference in each musical genres better. I believe that singers will develop better when they understand the musical principles. You can spend as much time as you like in this department. It may not be the most fun thing to do but it will certainly be one of the most rewarding skills to have.
Quin is working on applying techniques into song with me in the studio.

Quin is working on applying techniques into song with me in the studio.


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