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Conversation with Briohny

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A Conversation with Briohny


Taryn:  I would like to ask you about how you feel about taking voice lessons here at Grammy Vocal Studio.

Briohny:  Well, I said to Kru Jay, “Where was he 20 years ago when I first started singing.?”  And now that I know he exists.  I want him there every time I sing.  You know, I teach Yoga for a main living and Yoga helps you connect mind with body. And the way that he approaches teaching singing really helps the singer to connect with their voice like mind body voice all in one.   That really helps me tremendously because as a teacher I am able to look at somebody’s practice or injury and say I know how to help them with that. With him it was immediately that he was able to pick up on what my struggles were.  I have been struggling with these for so many years like how come I can’t have the strength in this one part of my voice.  I guess it could be about strength but really it’s about awareness.  And what he did would help me with awareness.

T:  And he was able to give you some exercises that were really helpful for you….

B:  Oh yes! Exactly! It’s all about practice. You’ll always have to practice.  Cause we started with the exercises for 15 mins exercising.  The change in the ability to use my voice from the first exercise to the last exercise in 15 mins completely changes. And I am able to take the exercises home and practice as well.  The exercises themselves are a key component part in stretching my voice. He’s like the voice “Doctor” cause he’s able to help me understand why my voice is a certain way and then like you said, give me the exercises to improve.

T:  So I guess everything makes sense when he pointed out the parts that you need to work on.

B:  Yeah, but a lot of things improved right there on the session just being able to understand how or why.

T:  Like you said, it’s a mind body thing.  You get the whole idea and the whole picture of what to do and have the clear picture in your mind and control from that part and let it manifest through your body.

B:  Well, that! Exactly!

T:  Now I would like you to leave a message to the students here at Grammy Vocal Studio.

B:  Well, I would like to say, anybody no matter what stage you are in singing careers, just beginning or twenty years in like me.  You’re always a “Student”.  You’ll always have something new to learn and every day is different. One day you sound great and the next day you don’t and there’s a lot of factors.  So just make sure that you stay present and know that that’s what the school is here for. That’s what Kru jay is here for is to help us constantly improve and to keep us present.

T:  Thank you so much for your time, Briohny. Well, last but not least.  Would you like to plug in a little bit with what you are doing at the moment?

B:  Yeah, Sure!  Well, right now I am practicing to do a comeback concert. I haven’t been on stage for nine years. Very excited. It’s called Happy Face-tival next Sat 31st of August.  It’s kind of an entry point for me because I am coming back into music.  I might be having a single coming out sometime in the next year.  Other than that I teach Yoga around the world.  I am back in Thailand once a year for about a month and a half teaching. But for any singer, practicing Yoga is such an amazing gift because like I said it’s mind and body and it’s very similar. The ability to understand how your body works even down to the tips of your toes and the breathing exercises that we are using in Yoga is beneficial for singing so…Yoga and singing works together!!! Briohny’s website

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